Amsterdam Nightlife - Trendy Wine Bars and Cool Disco Clubs

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Talking about Amsterdam night clubs, restaurants and bars knowing that this guide probably will be red by many people for me is a great proud as well as a responsibility with the intention and promise to leave out the classic tourist tours loving coffee & sex shops and the famous red district other than clubs and bars in central Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein squares.

My intent is to guide you through the real Amsterdam, my tips are for those looking for the typical holland atmospheres, clubs attended only by locals, restaurants where everyone wants to eat, bars always full of beautiful and cool people and unreachable by who do not know well the city. With these premises and proceeding in chronological order, we will try to understand how is the night in Amsterdam starting from the best places for aperitif to have a drink, trendy restaurants to have food and dinner and night clubs where to spend the rest of the night.

Regarding hotels choice the average prices are high, hard to find less than 130 euros by night in downtown to which we must add the strange hoteliers habit to charge in advance the cost of the entire period with the addition of a city tax of around 6% on daily room rate in addition to a deposit of 50 euros by day even paid this in advance of course for any damage done to the rooms which will be returned at check out.

The downtown has easy walking distances, the references are drawn from the four semicircles concentric 4 main channels to the central station Singel, Herengracht, Keiserzgracht, Prinsengracht and that flow all in the larger channel giving the name to the city, the Amstel. Amazing is the area in which Heren flows into Amstel enriched by the presence of the Hermitage, a branch of the famous St. Petersburg museum.

One the cheapest choice to move is to use trams covering the whole urban network night and day better buying a comfortable and economical rechargeable chip card otherwise, each trip costs 2.60 euros.

Never use cars to move, parking costs 5 euros by hour everywhere, better to rent a comfortable bike using one the thousand bike paths of the city.

For the weather better to resign, here it rains almost every day for geographical reasons, Netherlands, in fact, being under the sea level and not having mountains in defence, are subjected to continual perturbations from the nearby North Sea.

3 are the most characteristic areas of the city that Dutch people loves and tourists don't know at all :

  • Jordaan north west

  • Pijp in the south east area behind Heineken Experience building

  • Westergas Area, multi-functional area with cinema, theater and live music with Flex Bar club and always in the northwest area.

No doubt about the best area, the Jordaan district, today mainly inhabited by students and artists and still by far the most intimate, refined, elegant and cool Amsterdam area.Let's find out together.

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Area on the north west of the city on the right side of the Central station. Elegant, refined, emotional, here there are the most attractive restaurants and bars to dine or just to have a drink.
Along HarlemStraat and precisely to the number 9 the amazing Bistros Neuf always well attended, trendy people, with two menus of fish and meat at 29 euros inclusive of three courses, extensive wine list mostly French with a possibility of combining different glass for each dish, warm, stylish, fashionable and affordable, a true jewel to hold. Attached to the restaurant, of the same owner, an huge wine cellar.

Very close at number 73 for drinks and dinner, the must is Stout restaurant and bar. My hint is to try the full menu at 29 euros, which allows you to enjoy with flow-style finger food all the ten menu plats.

Nearby, in the same area, for a drink, opposite to the beautiful Prinsengracht intersection Brouwersgracht number 101, always well attended Cafe' Tabac

Meeting point for every night where cool and trendy people meet in Noordermarkt 5 Finch Cafè and Proust bar.

A little closer in the same square with a pleasant outdoor area the Noordwest Restaurant Bar .

Proceeding along the Prinsengracht at number 411 just ahead Anne Frank House the place you do not expect, fabulous location, over three hundred wines for tasting, the wonderful Vyne


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in Dam, Rokin, Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein Area, even if are in the tourist area, close there are some places that are worth to be seen. Along Rokin number 81, Bar Italia is always well attended by local people and people level both men and women is absolutely remarkable.

In the same area do not miss the beautiful SupperClub (Singel, 460) with offices in London, Los Angeles, Istanbul and San Francisco, where there are beds in spite of tables, with very special evenings granting a lot of fun.


Within walking distance, exciting events at Jimmy Woo attended by celebrities and where door selection is very hard.

Always full of beautiful people every night of the week, open until late in Marnixstraat 397, behind the beautiful American Hotel in Leidseplein side by side, Weber and Rex bar, always a guarantee for fun.

As for live music, there are two historical buildings in the area, Melkweg (Melkweg events) and the very famous Paradiso (Paradiso Events) offering every night famous artists with a full program consulting from here.