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Charming city that lies along Douro River divided by Vila Nova de Gaia by the magnificent iron bridge Dom Luis, the famous district for the big Porto wine producers in his famous White, ideal for an aperitif, Ruby, Tawny, Tawny Aged, Colheita, LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) and Vintage versions like Sandeman, Ramos Pinto, Ferreira e Calem. Enhanced by UNESCO World Heritage Ribeira harbour area which takes its name from the popular square full of restaurants and bars crowded with people at all hours of the day or night and from which also depart the boats that make the tour of Douro Porto wine and its fascinating bridges.

Let's discover together Oporto most famous Barrios walking among Baixa, Ribeira and Foz do Douroto understand which are the best places for an aperitif, for dinner and for after.

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Baixa is one of Oporto's most distinctive barrios characterized by the Cathedral, the picturesque Sao Bento station where depart trains for the most famous resorts in the surroundings of Porto as Braga, Guimaraes Unesco heritage and Aveiro, the little Venice of Portugal, Liberation Square, Clerigos Tower, Infante Don Enrique square with the Stock Exchange Palace, the medieval San Francesco churc and Batalha square with the beautiful Ildefonso church whose facade is characterized by typical azure tiles Azulejos. Precisely in this area there are trendiest bars in the city that focus between the two famous by night streets Rua Galeria ed Paris and Rua Candido dos Reis. Here there are the most famous after dinner clubs in Oporto as The Wall, Bar Baixa, Gin House and Plano-B and nearby, close to Placa de la Liberation, in Rua Conceicao, Candelabro, one of the most lively and well-attended Oporto bars.

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Unesco heritage, a true jewel along the Douro river with the picturesque Ribeira square full of bars and restaurants thatduring the sunny days are crowded by tourists.

Do not miss the breathtaking view, for a magnificent salt cod dishes accompanied by wonderful Portuguese wines made from Vinho Verde Alvarinho grapes for a drink or lunch at sun with Duero view along the picturesque walk of dos Bacalhoeiros wall atBacalhau and to the trendy and fashionable Wine Quay Bar.

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Taking the carratteristico tram 1 to the terminus under the church of San Francesco in twenty minutes to the Foz do Douro area where the calm waters of Douro give way to the impetus of the ocean and it is in this area that arise on trendy beach restaurant bar as the Praia da Luz sull'ononima beach during the sunny days become a true meeting point for eating, taste wine and enjoy the beautiful day near the beach. For the famous and very busy night on weekends the disco Industry Club always Avenida Brasil at number 843. Jumping on the charateristic tram 1 to the terminus under San Francesco church in twenty minutes takes to Foz do Douro barrio where the calm Douro waters give way to the ocean impetusand it is in this area that arise on trendy beach restaurant bar as Praia da Luz on the same beach that during the sunny days become a true meeting point for eating, taste wine and enjoy the beautiful day near the beach.For the weekend nights is very famous Industria Club disco club always in Avenida Brasil at number 843.

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