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Positano and Amalfi coast nightlife - beaches, cocktails, wine bars, restaurants, parties, live music and disco clubs

I have great pleasure on talking about Positano trying to indicate what may be called the ideal day starting from the beach, the right place to have a drink, the restaurant for dinner where to eat good fresh fish, best disco club and if the advice comes from a person coming here since 20 years, you can trust on me!

I know who have traveled the world says that there is no other place for features and location similar to Positano. The first tip is to avoid the car because free car lines are permitted only to residents and the price of parking in town is prohibitive (around 5 euro by hour). It should definitely opt for a comfortable hydrofoil from Naples from Beverello and Mergellina. There are two beaches, Marina Grande and Fornillo. The first, as its name indicates, is located along the main square and has a free small part and another fee (Incanto) and is certainly the most crowded and busy because many people coming ignore a second beach existence.

If instead you love more quite places, there is a second beach reachable in just ten minutes, although during the months of August, you'll understand why the area has been called Fornillo that in english means little stove! There is too a convenient and frequent free service of small boats that quickly connects the two beaches. The choice is between four bars: Pupetto (the bigger), Fernando, Fratelli Grassi and Marinella although there is a free, small and not very comfortable beach. The beds here are really cheap (7/8 euro) respect to the price if we move to Incanto beach (around 20 euro). And if we dont want to spend the whole time on the beach? just go to Fratelli Grassi and rent a motor boat excursion feeling the landscape coast breeze booking your excursion to Capri or Galli island with departures usually around 9am.

Where to have a drink, dine and spend the night? It's 7pm, just left the beach and looking for an aperitif? In the main square Piazzetta there is Buca di Bacco with tables overlooking the square, and then, for those who are interested, let you know, in real time, all new arrivals since everybody have to move from here! Don't miss in Fornillo area Next2, on Pasitea street 242, the location is amazing, delicious dinner, lounge music and structure treated in detail, great cocktails and the advice is the sexOnPositanoBeach ... which is also a good wish for the night.

Hungry and looking for a good place to eat not too expensive? We start from the restaurant which is located at Fornillo and called in the same way. Very good fish, the kitchen is headed by Rino, a big man in the real sense of the word of great skill in kitchen. Some Advice to eat from Umberto? Take linguine with seafood, risotto with porcini mushrooms or pumpkin ravioli with seafood and you'll understand why I speak so well about this place. Few meters ahead I recommend an evening of dining at the Mediterranean because the frame, the environment and atmosphere are worth of it. Inside the restaurant there are often exhibiting paintings by contemporary artists.

And if you love the home made cooking and rustic and typical places Da Vincenzo restaurant, ranked by Michelin Guide, and where you will be transported by Jose's sympathy which marks every plat arriving with its bell shouting Viva le Donne and led by Marcella and Enzo and especially by the goodness of typical Neapolitan cooking: squid with potatoes, eggplant and zucchini parmigiana, baked beans with mussels, paccheri with sword and green peppers (my favorite!). If, however, do not look too much to the bill and love being at the center of attention the choice falls on restaurants in Piazzetta like Cambusa, Chez Black, Le tre Sorelle or on Rada Restaurant terraces.

If I can recommend wine choice, especially if you eat fish, since we are in Campania better to taste white local grapes like Greco di Tufo Tornante produced by Vadiaperti wine maker, or Pietracupa or Cantina or from grapes Fiano di Avellino Pietracalda Feudi di San Gregorio, Colli di Lapio or Ciro Picariello. Enjoy local food with these wines and then I will be happy to receive an email from you thanking me for the advice!
Time to disco club? During summer is a must not to go in Piazzetta before 1 am, until then let yourself cared by Zagara piano bar enjoying a delicious limoncello typical of these areas and appreciate the most of the flavors and pleasures of this town. If you love to taste a good glass of wine seated in the charming gazebo at the shade of the beautiful church of Santa Maria Assunta recommend the new Wine Dark House opened on July 2010.
Do not miss in august parties in Fornillo beach with DJs and drinks and appetizer by Fernando on Thursday from 6pm while the party is on Saturday from 11 pm to 2 am, while on Friday evening the party moves to Pupetto. I advise you not to miss these parties because is very fun! And if you're lucky enough to have a hook the doors of the amazing Positano villas will open and these parties are the best in town! But now it is time to go dancing to the only disco in town Music on the rocks, amazing location, built into the rock on the sea, that starts the night at midnight with piano bar and continues with the club starting from 1:30 am and up to 4 am in the morning. If you try to come during the week you get the feeling you are not located in Italy because all of the people is from America or Australia and attended by international renowned personalities like the great Hollywood actor Danzel Washington that every year comes here to spend the holidays.

At this point at night, I think it is no longer time I have to advise what to do, the only sure think is that hard you will go back home to sleep!

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