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It is difficult not to fall in love with Verona, a UNESCO heritage site, where traces of an important past are evident, marked first by the presence of the Romans who left their traces with the magnificent Arena where the opera festival comes to life in summer, with Porta Borsari

The wonderful Gavi Arch once located in via Postumia, destroyed at the behest of Napoleon in 1805 and rebuilt in 1932 next to Castelvecchio

The Stone Bridge rebuilt after the destruction by Germans during the second world war and it was not the first time since a flood of Adige already destroyed in 1239

And Roman Theatre which always in summer becomes Verona theater season scenario.

Verona is worldwide famous not only for opera in Arena, Romeo and Juliet and the roman theatre, but in Italy is considered a very important wine city and this for two reasons: every year at the start of april and for 5 days here there is the most important italian wine producers meeting, Vinitaly, where is possible to taste all the best italian wines region by region, and second becouse in Veneto is produced a very famous red wine, DOCG Amarone della Valpolicella, maybe less famous than Brunello di Montalcino outside Italy, but a great wine for flavoure and structure, and DOCG Recioto della Valpolicella, sweet wine, excellent on chocolat cakes and, for aperitif, the white wine Lugana, simple, fruit flavour, fresh, and Prosecco, white and sparkly from Valdobbiadone area close to Treviso and his best expression Cartize and, finally, Spritz, not a real wine but a cocktail based on lugana or prosecco and red campari.
So walking in downtown is possible to taste great wines and i will try to guide through these wonderful, typical and characteristic places. Piazza Erbe, one of the most beautiful italian squares, is the most famous meeting point of the city, under the wonderful Lamberti tower and the venetian Maffei Palace, where during summer evenings close to the wine bar Mazzanti the most prominent groups of the city, the prettiest fashion girls from the uptown smart city areas like Borgo Trento and Torricelle, good looking and smart guys on board of their new Audi or Bmw parked a few meters from the square (a privilege granted only to residents in Old Town) join to discuss whether to go Piper Club to uptown Torricelle Area or direction Garda Lake in Bardolino at the famous disco clubs for a drink or in Bardolino Wine Bar to taste a good glass of wine in front of the lake before go to dance.

Let's start from the downtown, Corso Porta Borsari, few steps from Piazza Erbe, Verona trendy meeting point, Osteria del Bugiardo (always open till 10pm but Monday, until midnight in the weekend), where in a rustic and charming enviroment you can dine on big and tall wooden tables choosing from a simple menu where you will always find pasta and beans, vegetables, stews and taste local wines (try Valpolicella and the 4 versions of increasing grades: classic (12%), superior (13%), Ripasso (13%) Amarone (14%)) from Buglioni vynemakers (same owners of the restaurant) and all at very competitive prices (6€ the former, 8 / 10 seconds) even if you eat in a crowded place with many people talking just next to the tables creating a warm and friendly atmosphere ideal for new meetings. Congratulations to the guys working here, highly trained on the descriptions of dishes and wines, nice and friendly and maybe these is the secret that make this place the center of nightlife in Verona and the reason for this wine bar is counted every year within the popular and much followed italian restaurants guide Osterie D'Italia.

Signorvino first Italian site from Calzedonia group other than Affi, Merano and Milan that has decided to diversify its business turning in food and beverage inaugurating an eye-catching space in the city center virtually under the watch of Piazza Bra with a winning formula that guarantes success mixing courtesy, sympathy and especially great wines priced takeaway in a location of all respect that invites to wine tasting and socializing.

If we walk along Sant'Anastasia at the first turning left in Rosa street, Monte Baldo, unique place in Verona, full of people even id it closes very early (around 10pm weekends included) tasting finger food appetizers with raw fish samples, croutons, mixed canapes and fine wines. This place is reported by Osteria d'Italia Guide too.

Few steps further in one of the most characteristic and fascinating streets a little known by tourists because difficult to achieve by chance, meeting place for many restaurants, Sottoriva street offers a wide choice for an aperitif or dinner at Sottoriva.

Placed in another amazing area of the city, between the Stone Bridge (the oldest and most attractive bridge over Verona), the Roman theater and San Giorgio in Braida church, Scio Rum , small on two levels always well attended and great for a drink not too fast.

Starting from May (since June also friday) Piper in Torricelle 7A street is a must on the day of thursday. The location is enviable and in fact we are in Torricelle area in the upper part of the city, the view is beautiful, the area, along with Borgo Trento, certainly one of the most elegant and refined and is not a coincidence that here are concentrated the most amazing apartments of the city. The restaurant has ample parking for the flow of the many people on thursday evening, presents interior room with bar and DJ, double dining room both external and internal, large terrace with a second bar starting from aperitif at 7:30pm.

Other nice place Café Via Roma 33 in front of Castelvecchio, maybe the only Milan style club in town, on two-levels, elegant, smart, refined and always well attended and show window on the prominent square.In summer stretches out with a nice outdoor area.

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